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Butterfly & Snake Charms Earrings at OMG prices! 5 pair earrings combo at never before prices. A must have for festive season.

glam hoops

Celebrity inspired hoops now within your reach. Order now to avail the look and glam! Simple Hoops but Amazing Looks.

pretty pearls

Remembering the old TV ad - Neighbor's Envy Owner's Pride! So be it...A must have since ages.

charming snakes

Love Thy Snakes. Well atleast in Earrings.Charm everyone with your earrings this season.

Beautiful butterflies

When Butterflies Flutter So Does My Heart. Add these Butterfly hoops to your Collection and Make every Heart Fluuter.

as breezy as a butterfly

And so all thought until I carried the burden all the way to the top! Light yet Strong. Own it to Show it!!

A combo to have, a combo to gift. Perfect gift for your friend, BFF, BAE, wife, sister anyone you love.