Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

The beautiful butterfly is a symbol of hope, happiness & rebirth.  We bring a design perfect to wear as well as gift.

Martin Hansson

A blue butterfly symbolizes Soul & Life. Wear this beautiful necklace to celebrate life or gift it to someone you love & care about.

Freedom of Mind & Spirit is what a Black Butterfly showcases. Let us be free but mindful in our thoughts & actions.

Pink Butterfly for those pretty pink dresses or power suits in Black & Blue. Be fashion forward & at your cutest best.

Red is the color of love.   And with love we bring this ravishing red butterfly necklace for you. Gift it to your friend, sis, aunt, mom, girlfriend, wife...

Red Butterfly Pendant

Hope & guidance, that is what a Yellow Butterfly Symbolizes. Want to show some love & care to someone. This will be a perfect gift.

White has been long symbolized & etched in our mind with peace, spirituality & purity. A perfect gift for that someone with whom who need to make peace. Don't wait any further!




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